Exploring Antwerp (Antwerpen), Belgium (Day 1: A Local view)

By | 5 June 2022

48 Hours in Antwerp, Belgium (Day 1: Exploring With A Local)

This past weekend, we spent 48 hours in the gorgeous Belgian city of Antwerp (Antwerpen.)
On our first day, we met up with one of our youtube subscribers, Hans, for a tour of the city he calls home. With Hans, we were able to learn the history of Antwerp, explore the highlights and discover the hidden gems of the city. Stay tuned for part 2 of our trip next week!

00:00 Introduction
00:52 Antwerpen Centraal Station
01:05 Streets of Antwerpen
01:18 Gelato Break!
01:53 Exploring Provincial Domain Rivierenahof
03:05 Antwerpen City Center & Grote Markt
03:51 Initial Thoughts
04:38 History and Stories of Antwerpen
04:56 Medieval Hidden Streets
05:20 Dinner
05:35 Riverside Castle
06:03 Wooden Escalator and St. Anne’s Tunnel
06:28 First Day Reflections
09:03 Thank you, Hans!
10:43 Conclusion

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We’re Tracey and Travis, an American couple who just moved with our Miniature Husky, Tabasco, from our home in Houston, Texas to the city of Leiden, The Netherlands. Our goal is to be interesting people, and you’ll see that reflected in our channel. We appreciate all of your support on this crazy awesome journey!

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